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Now available: NO SHADES OF GRAY, a “best of” Aaron Travis audiobook from Audible. Almost 10 hours of the Master’s work read aloud for your listening pleasure—from his most poignant story (“Getting Timchenko”) to his most disturbing (“Kudzu”), plus the complete novel SLAVES OF THE EMPIRE, and much more. A true feast for your erotic imagination, excellent for long commutes, vacation drives, or intimate evenings at home.

This is the collection that inspired Aretha Bright to remark at The Bright List: “Aaron Travis is my favorite erotic writer of all time.”

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1•The Aaron Travis Erotic Library kicks off with the classic story BLUE LIGHT. Susie Bright calls it “perhaps the most fantastic supernatural erotic thriller ever written.” Michael Bronski calls it “a contemporary supernatural masterpiece as frightening as anything H.P. Lovecraft or Stephen King ever wrote.” This story is so hot, it’s scary!
2•Set in ancient Rome and Judea, the novelette SLAVE recounts the torments inflicted on a young Jewish slave by his Roman master. Aaron Travis pays homage to the works of Sade, the movie Ben Hur, and the decadent fiction of Huysmans. John Preston: “SLAVE is an S&M classic, a story that evokes some of the strongest reactions possible in the reader.”
3•Set in Istanbul at the height of the Cold War, the novelette CROWN OF THORNS recounts a young American intelligence officer’s erotic submission to a brutal Turkish stevedore. In a revealing Author’s Note, Aaron Travis cites John le Carré and William Burroughs among his influences for this dark account of obsession and betrayal.
4•BEIRUT: The setting is Lebanon, 1983. When American soldier David Patowski goes AWOL, he falls into the clutches of Vince Zorio—hit man, black marketeer, big shot. As Zorio begins to uncover the mystery behind David's behavior, his hold on the hapless young soldier grows ever tighter. Beirut becomes a living hell with no exit.
5•EDEN: A horny high school graduate spurned by his boyfriend, ripe for a summer adventure…a brawny young truckdriver looking for company…and a long, hot drive across the American West—the result is a tinderbox of sexual tension that threatens to set the whole desert on fire. Together, two very different young men take a journey though a wilderness of desire. What they discover will startle them both.
6•WRESTLING TALES: Travis shows his playful side. Originally published as homemade chapbooks, this electronic collection of the complete Wrestling Tales includes an added bonus—the original illustrations by Bill Ward and Rader. John F. Karr in the Bay Area Reporter says: “Perhaps the best dick-stiffening author in the land is Aaron Travis…This is pro wrestling the way we always dreamt it…There’s rarely been porn as sexy and fun as this.”
7•SLAVES OF THE EMPIRE: Previously available only as a hard-to-find (and expensive) collector’s item, Aaron Travis’ scorching novel of sex, power, and gladiators in Ancient Rome is at last in Kindle. Michael Bronski: “SLAVES OF THE EMPIRE has gained near-mythological status…A high point of gay male writing in the second half of the twentieth century.”
8•KIP: A short novel in the three parts. “The Hit” introduces Kip, a submissive young room service waiter in the clutches of a ruthless hit man. In “Vice,” Kip finds himself at the mercy of a sadistic vice cop. In “The Big Shot,” a corrupt politician drives Kip even deeper into an abyss of degradation. “The Hit” was voted the #1 erotic story of the decade by readers of Susie Bright’s Best American Erotica series.
9•SHORT, BRAINY & HOT: Just the way Aaron Travis likes ’em! A collection of seven steamy stories, including “The Adventure of the Ragged Youth,” a long-suppressed erotic episode in the career of the brainiest of them all, Sherlock Holmes, as recounted by his beloved Watson. No wonder Michael Bronski in Gay Community News said that Aaron Travis is “known for his exceptionally hot, and smart, short fictions.”
10•MILITARY DISCIPLINE: “Academy” recounts the torments inflicted on first-year cadet Terry Tomson, private plaything of the Biggest Man on Campus, the ruthless A.J. Richter. Richter is back as a sergeant in “Latrine Marine,” exacting hellish discipline on a hungry young recruit fresh from the farm and eager to serve. Special Bonus: “Mama, Marino, ¡Mama!”…the bootleg Spanish-language version of “Latrine Marine.”
11•WILD WEST: Two stories set in the American West, then and now. In “Beast of Burden,” the merciless prospector Monahan is determined to make Joshua into a passive tool—not just to work the mine, but to satisfy Monahan’s every need. In “The Fratboy and the Faggot,” a shy Texas college student submits to being poked, paddled and prodded by a muscular, dominant fratboy.
12•KUDZU & Other Stories: 9 stories penned during the fertile period when Travis was, in the words of John Preston, “chronicling the sexual exploits of an entire generation.” Lars Eighner: “‘Getting Timchenko’ is the finest thing I have read in years, possibly ever.” cbtboyuk at gaybdsmfiction.blogspot.com: “‘Kudzu’ is horrifying. In real life, it would be unthinkable…I’ve had to buy a number of copies though.”
13•IN THE BLOOD: At 25, Aaron Travis set out to write the erotic vampire story to end all erotic vampire stories. IN THE BLOOD was never completed, but the fragment that remains is fraught with enough psychosexual fireworks to inspire a dozen Masters theses—and at least that many orgasms. IN THE BLOOD explores the myth of the “erotic vampire” with an intensity few authors would dare.
14•RAW: The Early Stories: The capstone of The Aaron Travis Erotic Library collects a trio of tales written when Travis was in his early 20s and just beginning to explore the power of the erotic imagination, inspired by the freewheeling, frenzied gay scene of San Francisco in the late 1970s.

15•NO SHADES OF GRAY: The Best Erotic Fiction of Aaron Travis: A mammoth omnibus collection of the Master’s best, from his most poignant story (“Getting Timchenko”) to his most disturbing (“Kudzu”), plus the complete novel SLAVES OF THE EMPIRE, and much more. A true feast for your erotic imagination! Also available as a 10-hour Audible Audio BookBrilliance Audiobook

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AARON TRAVIS’s first erotic story appeared in 1979 in DRUMMER magazine. Over the next fifteen years he wrote dozens of short stories, a serialized novel (SLAVES OF THE EMPIRE), and hundreds of book and video reviews for magazines including MACH, FIRST HAND, MANSCAPE, HOMBRES, ADVOCATE MEN, MANDATE, BLUEBOY, STUDFLIX and STROKE.

Travis stopped writing erotic fiction in the early 1990s, but continued to review gay videos for ADULT VIDEO NEWS until 2001. You can read one of his typical reviews here.

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A search on Aaron Travis’s classic BIG SHOTS at Google Books came up with something called snippet view...and produced a collection of “common terms and phrases” that reads like a weirdly poetic distillation of the whole Aaron Travis experience—even to the last word. See it here.
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