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Aaron Travis’s notorious tale of Sherlock Holmes’s erotic encounter with a mysterious young Londoner, “The Adventure of the Ragged Youth,” is included in the rent-boy anthology ANYTHING FOR A DOLLAR edited by Todd Gregory.

Aaron Travis’s “Johnny Laredo” is the hot and sweaty tale of a young pro wrestler and the man who loved him. Read it in the anthology SWEAT: GAY JOCK EROTICA edited by Todd Gregory.
Aaron Travis’s “Jonah and the Whale” appears in the anthology CRUISING edited by Shane Allison. Hungry young Jonah gorges himself on man after man until he finally meets his match: “Jonah,” I crooned. “Jonah and the whale. Only this time, it’s the boy who’s gonna swallow the whale...”
Aaron Travis’s very raunchy “Cop-Hungry” appears in the anthology IN PLAIN VIEW edited by Shane Allison. A college student addicted to tearoom sex encounters his worst nightmare when he’s busted by a cop with a mean streak.
Aaron Travis’s rough-and-tumble “Pile On Matt!” appears in the anthology HOT JOCKS edited by Richard Labonte. A wrestling instructor is shocked when the jocks at Bonar College start making moves on each other. Then the guys gang up on their studly coach.
Aaron Travis’s hot and sweaty “Body Shop” appears in the anthology HARD WORKING MEN edited by Shane Allison. A hot mechanic takes a hungry young hot-rodder on a ride he’ll never forget.
Aaron Travis’s provocative “Confessions of a College Sex Slave” appears in the anthology COLLEGE BOYS edited by Shane Allison. Read the first page.
Aaron Travis’s scorching tale of a submissive student and a cruel master, “The Fratboy & the Faggot,” appears in the anthology ROUGH TRADE edited by Todd Gregory.
Aaron Travis’s “Exposed” is included in the anthology LEATHERMEN edited by Simon Sheppard. Read the first page.
Aaron Travis’s “Blue Light,” appears in THE BEST OF BEST AMERICAN EROTICA 2008, the 15th (and final) installment of the landmark series. From “‘Blue Light’ had me in a frenzied reading state, I just couldn’t get enough of it. It made Edgar Allan Poe look tame. A sexually charged supernatual thriller. This was my favourite story in the book, perhaps because it sated my dark mind.”
Aaron Travis’s most famous story, the supernatural thriller “Blue Light,” appears in the anthology HOMOSEX: 60 YEARS OF GAY EROTICA, edited by Simon Sheppard. From “This long story may be the single most original, hair-raising and viscerally tingling piece of short gay erotic fiction ever written.”
Aaron Travis’s “Eden” appears in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF NEW GAY EROTICA, edited by Lawrence Schimel. This early novelette, about a truckdriver and a young hitchhiker crossing the American West, is one of Travis’s personal favorites.
Aaron Travis’s brutal novel of gladiator sex, SLAVES OF THE EMPIRE, was reprinted by Haworth Press in 2006. Haworth was sold, canceled its fiction line, and this edition is already out of print...but used or new copies may be available at Amazon.
Aaron Travis’s notorious “The Hit” (“For those who like it dangerously rough,” warns Publishers Weekly) appears in Susie Bright’s BEST AMERICAN EROTICA 2003. The story was voted #1 in the BAE readers’ poll of the best erotic stories of the last ten years.
Aaron Travis’s “Backstage With the Bulldogs,” set in the outlandish world of pro wrestling, appears in the anthology HIS UNDERWEAR, edited by Todd Gregory.
Not one but two of Travis’s classic wrestling tales appear in the anthology FULL BODY CONTACT — the hauntingly romantic “Johnny Laredo” and the outrageously satirical “Backstage With the Bulldogs.”

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